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Personal information

Personal Information

I'm a canadian living in the middle-east to study film-making. Graduated in november, and currently working as a graphic designer and editor at the moment.
I'm a pretty laid back guy, love meeting new people, generally very sociable and chatty, at least i'd like to think I am.

Character information

Character Information

Twisting Nether
  • Guardian: 60
  • Balance: 52
  • Restoration: 79
  • Feral: 66
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Rerolled to this character from my mistweaver monk in ToS because the guild that i had joined needed a resto druid. I would say that ToS was my best raiding experience, because i actually got to play the game in an enjoyable way, Antorus has just been a mixture of poor performance because of bad leadership in the guild, and a rise in toxicity in the environment of the guild i was playing in, which you can probably see reflected in the logs.

Other information

Other Information
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Because i don't want to give up WoW, or mythic raiding. I've enjoyed raiding and pushing myself to get better despite my short experience. At the same time, i want to find a community that i enjoy playing with, a community that isn't "just a guild" as your website indicates. I find that very appealing to be honest. I want to be a part of a guild that can help me achieve both my own WoW goals and aspirations, and i can hope that i can be a productive member of a guild with similar goals.
I raided mythic briefly in WoD, i started playing WoW at the end of Throne of Thunder, however i quit shortly after until the release of Highmaul and raided up until Gorefiend progression in HFC and then quit again. Other than that, I would say that my most significant experience raiding would be in this expansion.
Impulse-Ravencrest (Alliance), i was the guild master and founder of the guild. It was a social guild, and i had decided that i wanted to raid mythic, so i handed the guild over to a friend and sought out to try mythic raiding. (Raided as Priest)

Hexagon-Twisting Nether (Horde), a guild that i joined as a result of my search for a mythic guild. Killed 7/10M nighthold with this guild, before it disbanded as the GM quit the game. (Raided as Mistweaver monk)

Yesterday's Jam-Twisting Nether (Horde), a guild that i joined following Hexagon as a friend of mine had gone into that guild. I joined them as a social as i was looking for a guild, but then they had a vacancy for a healer and i took the opportunity. Rerolled to resto druid for them, and cleared nighthold (Elisande + Gul'dan), and cleared ToS and 10/11M Antorus (Resto druid + Holy/Ret Paladin + Brewmaster Monk) I left them because the atmosphere just made me start to hate the game and hate logging in, because it was just raid logging, no mythic+, extremely abusive raids where it was just name calling and shouting and yelling and it was just horrible, and all of this was just antorus, it was never this bad and i'm not sure what happened. I stayed in the guild until now, (it has disbanded), because i was loyal to it and i cared about the guild, but truth be told, the guild's atmosphere is what ruined the majority of this tier for me.
My first raiding experience in mythic came in this expansion, when i tried to create mythic runs in a social guild that i was leading, in EN. But i found myself doing something, pushing to get better, min-maxing, no matter what class i played, i learned a lot about other classes, strategies on how to do fights, and just put a lot of effort into the game, and that is my biggest goal when it comes to the game. To be the best I can, provided i have reasons to motivate me to do so. And the biggest reason for me is the community i play with, i know it's a bit weird, but i just enjoy the game more and i just do a lot better, and i think being a part of an amazing friendly, yet competitive community is just something i strive for and aspire to be a part of.

Not yet :D?

I'm a very flexible player who is very open to critique and ways to improve, and i'm always happy to adapt and play whatever and however the 'team' needs, and thats something im proud of. As an example, now my best alts would include a brewmaster monk and a retribution/holy paladin that have all been used at some point in mythic progression (Been tanking argus on my monk for example). I keep the characters relevant through a lot of m+ and stuff but again, that's just something that's important to me because I enjoy those two characters.

A question i actually had is regarding a veteran friend of mine who wants to make a come-back to the game. I was just wondering, if i was offered a trial, is there any chance that he'd be able to maybe receive a social spot, with hopes of a future trial with regards to Battle for Azeroth, i don't want to be the one to advertise him, and i hope maybe you guys could have a conversation with him, but he's played in Vision, Affliction and some other big name guilds in the US, the peak being US#8 in Vision during ToS as an affliction warlock, but yeah that's about it. I'd love to have a chat with you guys on discord to further discuss anything that you guys would like to know from me, but other than that thank you very much for your interest!
18. February 2018 18:48
User avatar Protection Paladin
Hey and thanks for your application (looks like a good read at first glance!)

We'll get back to you within 48 hours
Guild Master
19. February 2018 01:48
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks again for the application, contact me tomorrow as we would like to have a chat with you :)
19. February 2018 18:08
User avatar Protection Paladin
Application accepted, welcome to the guild!

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