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Severance is an English speaking multicultural, Semi hardcore guild playing on Kazzak.

The guilds main aim is to have an enjoyable raid experience and to achieve cutting edge achievements in each raid tier. The guild consists of very experienced players with a history of clearing all content pre major nerfs. Another key part of this guild is how social you are, if you’re only going to log on for raid and then log off, not speaking or getting to know your guild mates then this guild probably isn’t for you, we have a mature and friendly raid atmosphere.

In and out of raids we use our Discord Server to communicate and new members are encouraged to try get to know people outside of raids, be it in M+ or other Games.

More information about the guilds history, Raider Requirements and Current consumables can be found on the above tabs


Monday Alt/Social Raids

Monday is completely optional and no one should ever feel pressured to go!

Monday raids normally start from the second week of a new raid tier and will do a few weeks of normal, then heroic when possible. In the past we have moved into mythic and expect to do so again in BFA. Time on when we start mythic is not set.

Mondays are open to Mains, Alts, Socials and Friends, however sometimes space can be limited the people who show up every week will have priority on spots

Loot as with the main raids is upto the individual to decide if they need it or not, if you don’t need something its preferred if you trade it to the raid leader and we will use RClootcouncil for people to click  need / greed etc and given out on the roll generated by the addon.


Official Guild and Raid Information

Raid Days / Times
Invites/Trash Start at 19:45 Server Time
Wednesday 20:00 till 23:00
Thursday  20:00 till 23:00
Sunday  20:00 till 23:00
Possible extension untill 00:00, you will be expected to stay.
(this only happened 2 or 3 times over legion so dont worry to much)

You are expected to show up on the 3 main raid days.
If you are unable to then you need to make an AFK post (see below).
Failure to do so will result in us looking for a replacement.

In the first heroic week we will sometimes add optional raids on Monday and Tuesday if we have not cleared heroic in our main days, this is always optional.

The only other time we will add extra days will be if we have not yet achieved cutting edge the last 2 resets before a new raid we may add an extra Monday or Tuesday to make sure we get the boss down before cutting edge goes away. (during legion this never actually happened)

AFKs and Sign offs
If you are going to miss a raid, you are required to let us know through the sign off system.
Try to do it as much in advance as possible.

We will try to take a break around 21:30.
Going randomly AFK or taking longer than the break timer is very disrespectful to everyone else,
so try and plan your things around the above time.

Required add-ons (Always keep these updated!)

We prefer if people use BigWigs


We use RClootcouncil to assist with sharing loot, when loot drops you will be prompted with a question of if you need it or not. If not it gets added to a lootcouncil window and will be give out to who we feel it will benefit the most, if you choose to keep the item then that is your choice alone, so try and know what loot your targeting and what will be an upgrade for you before it drops. It sucks to have people keep loot to sim after raid only to find out its worse.

Trash drops and BoE's
Any BoE items will be given to the raid leader and given out as we see fit.
If its not a major upgrade then it will go to guild bank, and sold off to fund repairs etc.

Trial Duration
Trials will last a minimum of 7 Raid Days or a maximum of 6 raid weeks


Required Raid Consumables

At least 5 should cover you for a full raid, you will be expected to use this at all times once the raid has started

We put down feasts during the raids, but you should bring at least 60 of secondary stat food as well

You should bring at least 60 of which ever is best for you of the following potions

Augment and Vantus Runes
Make sure you have at least 40x Battle-Scarred Augment Rune in your bags for all raids.
You won't be required to use this 100% of the time.

Vantus Rune's are not to be used unless specifically told to do so!
Make sure you bring atleast 1 Vantus rune each week.

Respec books
For mythic raids (and heroic during progress) there'll be a Codex of the Quiet Mind put down before each boss.
How ever, changes may need to be required after the initial pull, so make sure to always bring at least 10xTome of the Quiet Mind

Recruitment status

Recruitment info
  • We're currently not recruiting any classes.
    However we're always open to exceptional applicants.

Progress Mouseover to see individual bosses

  • Uldir 8/8

  • Antorus, the Burning Throne 11/11

  • Tomb of Sargeras 9/9

  • Nighthold 10/10

  • Trial of Valor 3/3

  • Emerald Nightmare 7/7


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